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Concord Service Centre is a renowned service provider specialising in home appliances. It’s also provides maintenance and repair services. Offering a comprehensive range of services, this centre offers essential household appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, and HVAC systems efficiently. Staff are well trained and certified in the technical field. Concord Service Centre is well known for its quality of service and customer service. These use the latest tools and genuine parts of machines. They maintain routine services and provide emergency repair services as well. Concord Services Centre is dedicated to increasing the functionality and convenience of home appliances. This service center is the best Panasonic Service Center in Kolkata.


Star Cooling

Building No.-3/A, Colony-Bhattacharjee Para, Garfa 1st Lane, Jadavpur, Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700075 (Near Pal Bazar)


Air Cool Refrigeration

20H/5, Linton Street, Linton Street-Entally, Kolkata – 700014 (Moulali More)


Chil Cool

159/L, Sukanta Park, Chetona Sporting Club, Methopara North, Madhyamgram, Kolkata – 700129 (Near Jessore Road)


Jit Appliances and Repair Service

Raghunathpur, Dingelpota, Kolkata – 700151 (Raghunathpur Milonsangho Club)


M S Enterprise

Garia Jora Petrol Pump Adjacent to Sitala Mandir, Garia, Kolkata – 700084 (Laha Bagan Shiv Mandir)


Comfort Cool

B M House, 73, Baitakkhana Road, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Sarani, Kolkata – 700009 (Near Anglo Arabic School)


Panasonic AC service centre in Kolkata

Panasonic AC service centre is located at 2B Bondel Road, Kolkata. These service centres offer repair services for various issues like cooling efficiency, compressor failure, and electrical faults. Gas refining systems are also provided by the Panasonic service centre. Refilling refrigerator gas to increase its cooling efficiency. They also offer regular maintenance services for the longevity of the AC. They provide professional services for new air conditioning units. They handle warranty service. Providing emergency services and genuine replacement parts for AC machines. 

Air Conditioner Service

Panasonic TV service centre in Kolkata

Panasonic TV service centre in Kolkata is renowned for its professionalism and uniqueness. They offer repair service for various issues like picture quality problems with TVs, sound issues with TVs, hardware disturbances, etc. Panasonic TV Service Centre offers a TV screen replacement policy. If the TV screen is damaged by some unexpected reason, they provide a replacement policy. If the TV remote is lost or damaged, they can offer replacement remote controls. They also provide home service for customer satisfaction issues. They handle warranty Panasonic TVs, providing a friendly approach to customers. 

Samsung TV Service Center

Panasonic Refrigerator Service Centre in Kolkata

Panasonic refrigerator service centres in Kolkata are well known for their structural abilities. They offer repair services for various issues like cooling efficiency, some electrical faults, etc. Panasonic refrigerator service centres offer regular maintenance services to ensure the longevity of Panasonic refrigerators. They used advanced technology and tools to solve any unwanted problem efficiently. They are offering genuine Panasonic replacement parts to increase the productivity of the refrigerator. They provide door seal replacement with proper insulation and proper energy efficiency as well. Emergency services are available at this service centre for vital, urgent issues like cooling system failure due to weather conditions or anything else. 

Refrigerator Service Center in Kolkata

Panasonic washing machine service in Kolkata

Panasonic washing machine service centres are located in Kolkata because of its residential demand. Their services included repair issues, machine problems, electrical faults, and software problems. Regular maintenance services like cleaning, lubricant, and calibration are available at this service center. Their services mainly protect machine functions and ensure the longevity of washing machines. They provide genuine parts for components and assist with warranty support. They also cover the warranty policy. Panasonic Service Centre offers technical support and guidance with common problems. They also teach operating systems and maintenance tips. They offer installation services as well. The washing machine set-up, demonstration features, and the whole thing are provided by the Panasonic service center. Responsible and helpful customer service attracts customers here very much.

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